Why TEAL ?

The Ever Present Origin

Since the end of the nineteenth century and throughout the twentieth century, psychologists, historians and economists have noted that, during its evolution, humanity has gone through periods of very comparable complexity throughout the world.

Jean Gebser
Ken Wilber

These different stages of development have been named and associated with different colours in several theories of development.  Ken Wilber’s Integral Model refers to the seventh stage of development of societies as the integral stage and the colour associated with it is Teal.

Recently Frédéric Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations honored these levels of development and the Teal color to designate this revolution still largely silent.

In corporate governance theories, this level is referred to as the Freedom form (F-form) organizations. 

Clare Graves gave birth to another model known as Spiral  Dynamics. The 7th level of development was given the name of systemic level, whose colour is yellow.

The mission of Nautealus is to bring these models in the light and to promote the anchoring of the values associated with the  Teal level.

The Teal practices help to reinvent the rules of the game at work, to free companies by involving everyone, thus promoting both well-being at work and the efficiency of organisations. 

At a time when the need for a renewal of our societies has never been so crucial, these practices seem to us all the more promising.