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The Teal evenings offer a moment of sharing around experiences of participatory governance in a friendly setting. We invite a person to share its experience, or we address a related theme through a short documentary. We facilitate these evenings to ensure optimal interaction and therefore limit the number of participants.

Check the agenda below for he next meetings.

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Upcoming meetings

Inscriptions Infos Date Sujet Société
En cours

Une agence européenne en chemin vers la libération a arrêté son parcours, que s’est-il passé?

Réunion virtuelle Zoom
Zoom virtual Meeting

Closed Evenings

Description Date Nom-Name Société -Organization Sujet - Topic

Réunion Virtuelle Zoom
Zoom virtual Meeting


Réunion Virtuelle Zoom
Zoom virtual Meeting

L'équipe Nautealus
Nautealus Team

Danny Gladines

opale fev 3 1

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Aline De Roeck
Coach Agile chez ING
Les transformations agiles, une étape vers les organisations teal ?
Agile transformations, a step towards teal organisations ?
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Alain Pajot

Une entreprise sur le chemin de la transformation
A company on the journey of its transformation

Soiree opale
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Projection Vidéo

Etre soi au travail

Etre soi en entreprise
Being Self in a professional environment

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Mara Callaert

Visual Facilitation going Teal
Facilitation Visuelle Opale

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Cedric Nève

Cash Flow digital et approche Opale 
Digital Cashflow and Teal mindset