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A palliative care organization in transition,
Netwerk Levenseinde

Tuesday, May 12th 2020
Zoom meeting between 18h30 and 21h00 CEST

Ruth Raes is the coordinator of Netwerk Levenseinde vzw (platform for palliative care), transition coach for the reform of health and welfare care in Flanders and president of one of the newly created ‘primary care areas’.

During our Teal Evening, Ruth will share her experiences in facilitating a more teal culture. Since 2014, in the bottom-up growth of a self-managed team of nurses and the transformation of its culture: a change that has had its effect both internally within the team and externally, in the collaboration with doctors and other care partners. And more recently at the level of front-line care areas, with a similar process but in a much more complex context: the creation of a network of organizations that brings together partners with very different, even competing interests.

The presentation will be made in English and everyone will use their mother tongue for the exchanges.

This was a Zoom meeting.

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Teal Evening
Teal Evening
Teal Evening
Question : 3.
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Crisis in not exceptional the world we are today on communication and globalisation and world
Death perception and acceptance is different.
Politicians short termism approach compared to long term.
Macron: We are in war. terms not used in SARS, ...
This crisis has abolished team vision, decision making by experts, ... we see very strict top / down. Nobody seems to have collected collective intelligence
who do run BAU
How do we choose who gets what, ...
Should we look at other numbers ? people loosing their jobs, starving in some countries
Elderly should be protected so youngs are stopped to do their jobs, ...
vision is narrowed and we are in black and white vision
Interresting to see the « other side » point of view starting the economy asap might be the « good » things to do.
maybe this crisis has the seed of a new culture of creating more values / human values than before.
And is is encouraging the change/ sharing values / collective view could give an interresting impulse to further change in the future and a more human / collective direction
I can see trust might be increased because management realise homeworking is working and people do their job
1 element : Health care was no able to do its primary function. we are applauding them but in US 1 billion+ care takers will be loosing jobs because hospital lost revenue. it’s interresting to see how financial and realisation of importance of importance of health care, ... are eating each other and contradicting bringing fear.
crisis is putting reality in the spotlight.
It’s up to us the society to bring more transparency and the number of people who started to act on the human side is encouraging. We have to be positive and say there is another way to do it. There is a number of people who had plan but never put them in action.
I am « pessimistic » that the financial and government will change but I am optimistic that the enough people in society who used to be neutral now will have a more affirmed human POV which will then force it up.

May 12 Teal Meeting

The Teal facilitator attitude (life-long experience)



Main insights shared in the larger group


Theme explanation

Life-long experience: on the long run, not just present, past or future


Person 1


Leader what does it mean

Teal=management but actually not


Person 2

Managing something, not necessarily people


When I read the book, I was inspired by the fact that an organisation can be led and managed by a group

Don’t want to force a management way

But still things need to be done


Here in Switzerland, the understanding of Teal was there = enthusiastic

But then, how does it apply on the field?

Confronted with people within the group: do I have permission to do this?

Stop yourself to ask for permission and giving permission

Interesting challenge of maintaining this attitude

Under certain circumstances, you need to change the management style

When you have an emergency crisis, the only way it works, one person decides who does what: for a limited period of time

Then come back to shared leadership

Then another crisis, someone else is leading the who does what


Person 3

Word facilitator: I like it better

You always have a community, a group with a common goal

You need a role of someone who keeps you thinking

Nourishing the fire

We need to keep the fire alive

Are we nourishing our private goal or the one from the community?

I just started facilitating a group doing the same activity as hers

The director was burned out

The head of staff was sick with corona

Someone in the group saying: I want to go teal

Interesting to see the reactions

A natural way of acting very collaboratively

Even then she was confused: is my role just executing the decisions taken by the group

I am not ready just to do what they want to do

What is the role? How do we act on it?

Trial and error

Learning by doing

As a facilitator, I was first a mediator as the team was in crisis, then evolved

Took the issues one by one

At the beginning it was very difficult “ce sera comme ça”

Now they understand people react to ideas and not people

Next step: mapping of needs and processes to define the roles

Now the point is: the director will come back, no one trusts her

Will the process continue with her being there?


Person 4

Attitude, mindset

I am calling from Luxembourg

Main coach transforming the company with a new way of working

I realise from my experience: ridiculous to say “now you become teal”

It is not true, doesn’t work

What works: companies are living organisms

They have their own field of energy

First job: listen and support, advice on which way to go

Passionate about teal ideas

See benefits immediately

Can create a lot of pain, tension in the organisation

Should be a very good listener

To what degree the organisation is ready to change, support this change

Don’t say where they should go

I am experimenting with facilitator role for 10 years

Last few years: painful

I had big expectations

My problem is my attitude

It is not for me to transform things, to accompany the company where it wants to go

I can be in peace if the company doesn’t want to go full teal


Person 5

Only thing to do: start where the team is, wants to go

A way to teal: listen

It resonates a lot with my way of doing it

Going step by step

Manager/leader/coach: replace the words by facilitator, co-creator

Be able to alternate those roles


Person 4

Concept of teal, agile can be a problem

Creates expectations, can be a problem

Where does this organisation wants to go?

Listen and support to the best of possibilities

Be in peace

Entreprise agile coach at the beginning

They hire me to do something that they are not ready and don’t want to do



Ruth Q&A

No quick fix: in the same shit together

Organisations moving towards teal, no teal organisations

The road is bumpy in times of crisis


If I had to do it all over again, I would be much more patient

Because of my character

Give space to people who want to go with the flow

Create boundaries

Hold the space

Within that space: let people do what they want to do

Shift from I to we much faster

The success on the teal story depends on the persons creating the organisation

You have to know yourself


Tips for creating a Teal organisation

Investing in a shared vision

We don’t think we think you know

What values are key to you

How do we want to organise ourselves around leadership

People want to go to action and make sure if we go to action, we go to the right direction

Right direction is impossible to define

Go step by step

Trial and error

This approach is working


You must be ready for everyone to be taking the different roles

Acceptance about this, take turns


You don’t start from scratch

It may make sense to you to go teal

You have been influenced by other ways of working

While running, setting up the organisation, you may think you are teal but then realise you have old reflexes coming back

It is a transformation for you too


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Leina, did I understand it’s your birthday today ? Happy birthday :-))

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Convinced even more ++

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interesting and inspiring evening, good luck Ruth ! Nice meeting you guys 🙂

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it is all about inner transformation, isn’t it ?

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Great personal journey which shows that hesitation is an inevitable part of the journey

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Thank you for this inspiring session. Just a pity there is not one easy way to go 😉

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Some more food for thought… 😉

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Feel satisfied and connected. Thank you!

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Thank you everyone ! I enjoyed it a lot! I particularly liked the “facilitator” concept in teal , cheers!

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Thank you for the links to very relevant videos and newsfeed. Tahnk you for your passion !

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I feel grateful for your listening and interaction. It’s good to feel togetherness in searching your way to go, certainly in difficult times 🙂

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The importance of ‘care’, as a role, in periods of crisis

De Albane – JOY! 🙂 à tout le monde:  08:55 PM

I feel so grateful and happy to be in this group, to be alive, to have the chance to live all these wonderful experiences. Thank you to the organisers and special thanks to Ruth for her simplicity, authenticity and openness. Just by being her, she allowed me to be me <3

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Ruth, thanks a lot for this very inspiring evening!

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Dank U

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Ruth, being directive in times of emergency and crisis is another form of being teal

De Leina Sluggish à tout le monde:  08:56 PM

i am into thinking about the whole system of care, and the carer’s themselves…God help us all, not sure where are we going.

De Ana INTRIGUED à tout le monde:  08:56 PM

Thank you Ruth from offering us this great opportunity to unite in your difficulties, in nowadays society difficulties. Thanks to all for the rich experience of this evening !

De Leina Sluggish à tout le monde:  08:56 PM


Dank U:)