Vincent De Waele

The world I live in is changing, fast, very fast. And what about me? Do I change to cope with this “Changing World”? Do I need and want to change? Do I have the ability to change? How do I preserve myself? Or should I first build my inner capacity to be present? Isn’t mindfulness my best way to enjoy life whatever changes happen?

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Changing World
is my personal web site.


Ana Escarpenter

I have been a coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator in organizational development since 2016. I work with multicultural organizations where people development, dynamism and performance are at the heart of the action. Deeply invested in empowering women and men to face their life challenges, I raise their awareness and help them to understand, cope with difficulties and open up to new opportunities. An insightful professional whose style is empowering, playful, inclusive and co-creative, I offer my clients a safe and non-judgmental space. I don't just support you, I challenge you to grow!

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Richard Verboomen

My passion: to accompany the growth and awakening of individuals and groups. It is by fully activating all the potential that lies dormant in each one of us that we can build the life to which we aspire individually and collectively. At the centre of this activation is our Consciousness. At the periphery, all our identities and resources. A field of unlimited and wonderful discoveries.

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Coaching Intégral
is my personal web site.

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Pascale de Pré

My higher purpose is to experiment and help society grow. Next to an extented coporate experience around people & organisation development, I support individuals in their personal and professional growth. Through deep listening, I stimulate consciousness (of behaviours & contexts), foster the emergence of new perceptions & ideas and accompany these transformative journeys. I am also active in societal transformation initiatives and a social mediator in organisational matters.

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